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4 Tips to Maximize Natural Home Ventilation

Believe it or not, you don’t always have to rely on air conditioners to cool down your home. According to the experts, you can easily do this by taking advantage of natural ventilation. According to experts, natural ventilation is a method where homeowners allow fresh outdoor air into their homes without utilizing air conditioning units and other mechanically driven devices. But how exactly can homeowners accomplish this?

4 Tips to Maximize Natural Home Ventilation

Windows installer Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis wants you to keep in mind these tips to maximize natural home ventilation:

1. Use Proper Window Orientation – One way you can harness natural ventilation into your home is through proper window orientation. According to experts, if you want to take advantage of natural ventilation, you should place your windows on the north and south areas of your home for optimal cross-ventilation, which encourages natural breeze to come into your home and cool it down, especially during the summer months.

2. Install Tall Windows – If you want to take advantage of natural ventilation, home window replacement experts recommend that you install tall windows in your home. This is because windows that are at least 3.6 feet or more can help indoor air movements and reduce the heat load on your ceilings at the same time.

3. Add Transitional Spaces – On the other hand, if you’re building your home from the ground up and you want to incorporate natural home ventilation, then consider adding transitional spaces such as courts, balconies and atriums into your home as they can encourage improved air flow.

4. Add Wind/Air Deflectors – Finally, you can also consider adding wind/air deflectors on your window to harness natural home ventilation. According to professionals, when you install deflectors on your window, they can redirect air motion to enter your home, allowing passive cooling to take place.

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