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4 Reasons to Consider Casement Windows

Choosing replacement window styles means considering their features and how they would work best for your home. It would be a lost opportunity if you picked the same window style as before when a different one would have worked better. In today’s post, local home window replacement replacement company Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis shines the spotlight on casement windows and why you might consider them when replacing your windows.

4 Reasons to Consider Casement Windows

Efficient ventilation — One of the greatest advantages of hinged windows is they let you make use of the entire window area for ventilation. This makes them ideal for allowing ventilation in even the largest of rooms. Depending on the wind direction, an open casement window sash can also catch a side breeze that can provide cooling and ventilation to a room.

Wide views — If you need operable windows that allow uninterrupted views, you need casement windows. Thanks to its single-sash design — which you can choose to have no grilles installed for maximum viewing areas — you can enjoy a great view, especially when you have your windows installer mull several of them together for a panoramic view. Our exclusive Fibrex® material allows us to manufacture slimmer frames, which means even bigger viewing areas without compromising structural strength.

Natural lighting — Another benefit of large viewing areas is it allows more natural light into your home. Natural light does more than just make your home look bright and spacious; it can benefit your health. A naturally-lit home helps regulate its occupants’ circadian rhythm or body clock and helps promote healthy amounts of sleep, which helps reduce stress and improve daily productivity. Natural lighting also helps reduce daily use of electrical lighting during the day, which may help lower your utility bills. And thanks to our High Performance™ Low-E4® glass, you won’t have to worry about UV rays and heat from the sun.

Weatherproofing — When closed, casement window sashes press against the window frame, which creates an airtight seal around the windows. This makes casement windows the most energy-efficient operable window style, which means they’re far less likely to form leaks.

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