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Choosing the Right Interior Trims for Your Windows

Window trims are like the finishing touches that go around the window frames. They come in different casings with a wide variety of designs, but they all offer essentially the same kind of protection, or prevent hot or cold air from entering the home’s interior. But that doesn’t mean you should go with just any interior casing for your windows. As a reputable company that offers excellent window replacement service, we’re sharing you a few tips you’d want to consider.

Choosing the Right Interior Trims for Your Windows


Traditional Casing

This type of casing is pretty simple in design. They’re mostly suited to older homes since they lay flat against the exterior and interior walls. The casing is usually made of a single layer of composite material or wood with a simple stool molding that’s supported by an apron along the bottom side of a window. What you get is a more decorative or a fluted column design, depending on your preference.

Contemporary Casing

Contemporary or modern casing features a cleaner design that usually matches the color of the wood or other material of the rest of the window. When it comes to our house window replacement service, we usually recommend options for modern casing if you want your home to blend in rather than stand out. This is because the glass is the focal point in the design of this type window instead of the trim and moldings.

High-Profile Casing

Here at Renewal by Andersen®, we offer several options for this type of casing. High-profile casing can either sit as a pediment above the window or surround the entire window. We include plastic and composite options that offer the distinct look of a carved molding but are more readily available. We recommend this type of casing if you want to beef up your windows with a classical or historical style.

Low-Profile Casing

Go for this type of casing if you’re looking for something more utilitarian than decorative. Similar to traditional casing, this also lays flat against the siding of your home and interior walls. This gives it that finished look that really helps tie the visual appeal of the windows together with your home. And, like most casings, it can also block hot and cold air from entering your home while keeping the interiors at a comfortable temperature.

When it comes to window trims, only a trustworthy window company can give you the best options for your windows. Call Renewal by Andersen of Memphis today at (901) 979-4460 to discuss your replacement needs. You can also reach us via our online request form.


"The men who came out were able to work with each other good and professional showing us how the job would start and how long it would take. While they were doing their job they saw that the windows sills were off balance and very diligent and made it repairable to place the new windows in they cleaned up the area where they were working and made it look like no one had been there. They were very polite."

Andrew Pruitte
Aug 5, 2023

"Renewal by Anderson replaced our windows about a week ago. It made our home look brand new! Absolutely beautiful product!!! All the staff were kind and professional. Jackie and his crew did the installation and we have never had such a professional job done on our home! Highly recommend this company!"

Carley Aldridge
Aug 6, 2023

"I have purchased 16 Anderson windows and they are great. The windows are perfect but the installation was the best. It is a joy having these windows in my 1910 home."

Kay Veazey
Aug 25, 2023

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