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How to Determine and Address Window Seal Failure

Today’s residential windows provide more than just a scenic view of your yard; they also help boost your home’s energy efficiency. But your windows must be maintained regularly by professional contractors who know how to identify and address common issues. One of these issues is window seal failure, and to determine if this has happened to  your windows, local window replacement service contractor Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis explains what you need to know: 

Window Seal Failure

How Modern Windows Are Made

Older windows were typically made with unsealed single-pane glass. Over time, the glass becomes loose within its frames when the glazing putty cracks or loosens after constant exposure to the elements. The design makes for a window that hardly retains the indoor temperatures and drives up the monthly energy bills. 

Today, most residential windows are sealed with either two or three layers of glass that are separated by a partial vacuum. The vacuum is typically filled with an inert gas such as krypton or argon, turning them into what’s referred to as insulated glass units (IGUs). And depending on the homeowner’s preferences, they can also be coated with a heat-reflective low-emissivity material. This helps slow the heat transfer and keep your home’s indoors comfortable throughout the year. 

Determining Window Seal Failure

Window seals are what keep the gas in the vacuum between the glass panes. If you’ve had them for many years, they can fail due to natural wear and tear. But if you had them installed recently or for only a couple of years, you can assume that there may be a problem with the product or its installation.

Moisture buildup between the glass panes is usually a telltale sign of window seal failure. It won’t be there all time as it comes and goes with the weather, but if left unaddressed, the moisture can accumulate to a point where it becomes foggy and will always be there even under warm weather. Another sign is noticing mineral deposits, grime, and dirt between the panes, which are impossible to clean on your own. If this is the case with your windows, you’re better off replacing them fully as they’ve already lost their energy efficiency.

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"Love my new windows from Renewal by Andersen. The installation was seamless. The installers were great and very professional. They also made sure to clean up after themselves. Need windows go with Renewal by Andersen."

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Feb 28, 2024

"Our windows were the original ones that were installed when they built the house in 1972. They wouldn't open, they had been painted shut. They were single pane and the glaze was cracked everywhere. I had to put plastic up every year to help keep the house warm at least a little bit. My MIL was surprised that there weren't any panes in the windows. Now she loves it. We have put a film on the windows so we can see out but no one can see in. We are loving it!"

Beverley Collins
Feb 16, 2024

"I love my new windows! The installation crew was efficient, courteous and tidy."

Jeannette Kirby
Feb 21, 2024

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