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Should You Replace Your Windows at Once or a Few at a Time?

It’s no secret that good replacement windows aren’t cheap, especially when you consider how many windows it would take to fully replace all of them in your home. This is why homeowners hesitate to have their windows replaced. In today’s post, local provider of energy efficient windows, Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis, shares a look at an option that you might not have considered before — replacing your windows one at a time.

Should You Replace Your Windows at Once or a Few at a Time?

Can Windows Be Replaced One or a Few at a Time?

The short answer is yes. In fact, this is what makes window replacement possible during any season: a standard installation process involves removing and replacing one window at a time. It allows isolating each room during installation and helps keep air infiltration to a minimum. The house’s occupants won’t have to vacate the house or even turn off the air conditioning system during window replacement.

Things to Consider

Replacing your windows a few at a time can be an option if you urgently need new windows and can’t finance a whole-house window replacement. Before you commit to one, consider the following first:

You might not get the most savings — One of the greatest benefits of getting ENERGY STAR® windows is the energy savings derived from it. Replacing the windows a few at a time means you won’t be enjoying as much savings as you would if you replace all your windows at once.

Mini-split vs. whole-home air conditioning system — You’re more likely to benefit from replacing your windows a room at a time if the rooms are cooled with mini-split air conditioners as opposed to a whole-home system.

The labor costs may add up — Spreading your window replacement across multiple installations means you’d end up paying for installation costs several times over.

The house’s condition — Any home improvement planned over multiple projects is hinged on the house staying in more or less the same condition over the years. This means you either have to space your window replacements closely, or make sure that the house is well-maintained.

Consistent look — You need a replacement window manufacturer or supplier that can guarantee availability of windows with the same style and color until you’ve finished replacing all the windows. Working with a custom replacement window company like Renewal by Andersen can help ensure consistency.

If you need more information on which option will work with you, talk to our expert consultants at Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis, one of the top window installation companies serving communities in Memphis. Give us a call at (901) 979-4484 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.


"Love my new windows from Renewal by Andersen. The installation was seamless. The installers were great and very professional. They also made sure to clean up after themselves. Need windows go with Renewal by Andersen."

Tessica Agnew
Feb 28, 2024

"Our windows were the original ones that were installed when they built the house in 1972. They wouldn't open, they had been painted shut. They were single pane and the glaze was cracked everywhere. I had to put plastic up every year to help keep the house warm at least a little bit. My MIL was surprised that there weren't any panes in the windows. Now she loves it. We have put a film on the windows so we can see out but no one can see in. We are loving it!"

Beverley Collins
Feb 16, 2024

"I love my new windows! The installation crew was efficient, courteous and tidy."

Jeannette Kirby
Feb 21, 2024

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