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Common Vinyl Window Problems and How We Solved Them

Vinyl windows are today’s most popular window replacement option, mostly due to their affordable price and low-maintenance requirements. However, vinyl windows are not without their problems. In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis shares a look at the most common problems inherent to vinyl replacement windows.

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Vulnerability to Heat

All substances expand and contract from changes in temperature, including plastics like vinyl. This is why vinyl window frames and siding are known to warp during the summer season, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Vinyl can also turn brittle when exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Warping can render vinyl windows difficult to operate, and sometimes the sash can become fused with the frame.

Thermal expansion and contraction can also result in gaps between the sash and frame on vinyl windows, thanks to the differences between the components’ thermal expansion and contraction rates. This can ultimately result in window seal failure. In contrast, the Fibrex® material frames in our replacement windows are stable and keep their shape under temperature extremes, resulting in reliable performance in any climate.

No Workmanship Warranty

Vinyl replacement windows can be installed by anyone, including DIYers, which means there’s no guarantee how well the windows are going to be installed; you’re essentially rolling the dice with the workmanship. Replacement windows installed by non-professionals are more likely to form leaks, sashes that are difficult to operate, or window frames that are not properly level. And what’s worse is, the cost of correcting such mistakes will have to come out of your own pocket or will depend on a handyman’s or contractor’s quality guarantee.

Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows, on the other hand, can only be installed by trained installers, not by subcontractors nor by handymen. Our limited warranties also include coverage for workmanship, so in the unlikely event that our windows fail during its warranty period due to an installation error, we will correct it at no extra cost.

Limited Color Selection

Vinyl windows typically feature molded-in colors, which eliminate the need for repainting. However, it also limits your color selection to bland or neutral colors. Fibrex frames, on the other hand, feature factory-applied coatings that come in a wide selection of colors, with the option to choose a different color or finish for the interior.

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