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How to Use Windows for Daylighting

Daylighting simply means using natural light to enhance the interior illumination of a building. With the use of direct, diffused, and reflected sunlight, it complements the artificial lights in a room, creating a more stimulating environment and reducing energy costs.

How to Use Windows for Daylighting


In this article, top-rated window installer Renewal by Andersen of Memphis further discusses the benefits of daylighting and shares some tips on how to effectively use your windows for daylighting.

Benefits of Daylighting

Apart from the practical benefits mentioned earlier, daylighting is also known to enhance moods and improve one’s mental state. When designed correctly, it can also help you boost your focus and reduce chances of fatigue and eye strain. The upfront costs of implementing daylighting measures can also be readily offset by lower electrical bills. But if you are also looking for long-term benefits, daylighting can spruce up your interior spaces and contribute to the increase of your home’s resale value.

Tips on Effective Daylighting

Windows are a powerful element in daylighting design. That said, make sure to keep these tips in mind when planning your home window replacement project:

1. Plan ahead and know your location well. Effective daylighting always starts with a sound design, so make sure to spend time on research and planning. It also pays to know your location well so that you can leverage your local climate, solar path and patterns and orientation.

2. Place windows next to a side wall whenever possible. Experts recommend placing a window adjacent to a returning wall as this would create an additional reflection of light deeper into the space.

3. Install windows at higher areas. Windows with higher head height tend to project light deeper into the interior. Moreover, when you place windows close under the eaves, this automatically shades the light that enters the room, preventing undesirable direct sunlight.

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