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The Role of Windows in Passive Ventilation

If you haven’t heard the term “passive ventilation” before, you’re not alone. Passive ventilation uses non-mechanical methods to bring fresh, cool air into a home and vent stale air out. It makes use of natural forces, such as wind and thermal buoyancy, to create healthy air exchange between the outdoor and indoor spaces. If the temperature inside a home is regulated and consistent, it will increase overall comfort for the entire household. In this post, trusted house window replacement experts discuss the role of windows in passive ventilation.

The Role of Windows in Passive VentilationWindows as Passive Ventilation

Apart from the entry door and roof vents, homeowners rely on effective windows for better passive ventilation. Windows are installed in almost every room in a house, and their size and placement can influence how well they guide air into and through your home.

Cooling is generally more necessary on the upper levels of homes. This is because the top floor absorbs heat directly from the sun whereas the bottom floor only receives a relatively small amount of that heat. This places importance on the windows, which you can open to let warm air escape. However, during winter months, an energy-efficient window replacement service can help refresh the indoor air without letting out too much heat.

How Passive Ventilation Can Work Better

Windows can perform better if they have clear, unobstructed pathways throughout your home. You can maximize air circulation by designing open plan areas or having windows between rooms. Installing crank windows, such as awning and casement units, on each side of your house will help make the most of microclimate breezes. Moreover, larger windows must be facing the breeze on one side while smaller, higher windows should be on the opposite walls.

If your space is carefully designed for passive ventilation, you can simply access them to improve the quality of air when need be. Turn to Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis, the leading window company for sustainable and energy-efficient replacement windows. Call us at (901) 979-4460 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.


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