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Spring Cleaning Your Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows get daily use but, when it comes to maintenance, they are often the last things on anyone’s to-do list. Even the best replacement windows and patio doors can come into disrepair when neglected. This spring, give these unsung heroes of your house the love and care they deserve.

Spring Cleaning

Here are some timely spring-cleaning tips from our experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis for your windows and doors.

Proper Cleaning

Sliding patio doors typically operate on a track and rail system. Unfortunately, their tracks are susceptible to dust and dirt buildup. Over time, enough dust can accumulate and cause problems with the operation of your sliding door. This spring, check the tracks for any potential obstruction and make sure you clean them completely. Do the same to your sliding windows as well.

Visual Inspection

Give your patio doors and home window replacement a quick inspection and check for any visible signs of a problem. You want to look for chipping, small cracks or even little rips and tears on the frames, jambs and sashes. Call your local window and door contractor if you see any physical damage on the structure of the door and window itself.

Security Features

Double-check the latches and other hardware on your windows and doors to make sure they are working properly. Ensure that their locking mechanism is not showing any problems. Hardware issues are not just a security risk but they can also cause your doors and windows to lose some of its performance.

Clean the Glass

Even though it may sound easy, your door and windows installer may discourage you to use a power washer for cleaning. Too much force can crack the glass and cause a leak in double or multi-pane windows. Use a non-abrasive microfiber cloth and a 50-50 mix of soap and water to clear away any muck on your windows and doors.

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"These windows changed the whole look of my house. They look amazing! The quality of the windows are top notch."

Austin T
Feb 9, 2023

"Friendly service and quality work!!!"

Don E
Feb 7, 2023

"We absolutely LOVE our new windows!! The installers were amazing- so kind and professional. They worked quickly, too! The customer service was outstanding. We are so, so glad we went with Renewal by Andersen for our windows. They even sent us cookies to say thank you!"

Jan 20, 2023
Kelly D

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