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Why Hire a Professional to Install Replacement Windows?

There’s a lot that goes into replacing windows in your home. Between finding the best replacement windows and finalizing all the design details, the whole process can be both rewarding and stressful. If you’re replacing three or more windows, it could also be very costly. So it’s not surprising that many homeowners would want to save wherever they can.

Why Hire a Professional to Install Replacement Windows?


One way homeowners believe they can lower their costs is by taking a DIY approach to their window replacement. Yes, this will definitely save you money on labor costs but the question is, would the savings be worth it? Let our experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis answer this question and show you why hiring a professional is actually a more practical solution to window replacements.


Saves You Time


Depending on the number of windows involved, home window replacement projects can take anywhere between one to three days to complete. DIY replacements take even longer, averaging at about five days. The longer your window replacement takes, the longer your home has to deal with energy losses from having no windows. For this reason alone, you’ll already find that hiring a professional is a much better route to take.


Better Quality, Better Performance


Improperly installed windows are prone to air loss and leakage, which could mean further repair or even further replacement. A professional installer would be able to take accurate measurements ensuring a perfect fit every time. They can even customize your replacement window to fit whatever needs your home has. 


Protection Against Problems


Of course, even a professional windows installer can sometimes make mistakes. However, their customers are often protected by warranties in case anything goes wrong. While DIY replacement windows may have material warranties, they certainly do not carry any labor warranties in case of errors during installation.


Talk to our professionals at Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis to get the most value out of your window replacement. Give us a call at (901) 979-4460 or fill out our contact form to schedule an in-home consultation and request a free estimate on replacement windows and installation services today.


"These windows changed the whole look of my house. They look amazing! The quality of the windows are top notch."

Austin T
Feb 9, 2023

"Friendly service and quality work!!!"

Don E
Feb 7, 2023

"We absolutely LOVE our new windows!! The installers were amazing- so kind and professional. They worked quickly, too! The customer service was outstanding. We are so, so glad we went with Renewal by Andersen for our windows. They even sent us cookies to say thank you!"

Jan 20, 2023
Kelly D

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