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What Are Your Worst Window Maintenance Habits?

With proper use and maintenance, you shouldn’t need a home window replacement any time soon. However, many are unaware that what they do to their windows can affect how long they last.  

Here are bad maintenance habits that can cause your windows to fail early. 

A Storm Window With Window That Has a Low-E Coating

Low-emissive coatings help in increasing the energy efficiency of windows. It reflects solar heat outside, which helps homes stay cooler in warmer months. Installing a storm window on a window that has Low-E coating will trap the energy. It can cause the windows to become really hot, enough to cause damage even to other parts of your home. 

Uncareful Washing

Even the best replacement windows can get damaged with improper cleaning methods. Using a pressure washer to clean a window can ruin its seal. This goes the same with the use of muriatic acid and other abrasive cleaning solutions. It will result in condensation between the glass, energy loss, and can also void your warranty. 

Leaving Blinds Down 

Leaving the drapes or blinds down can trap moisture around the windows and limit airflow. It can cause mold growth, which you only fix by getting new windows. Try lifting the window blinds so the lowest part is a few inches above the bottom of the sill. 

Not Cleaning the Tracks

Dirty tracks can make your windows harder to operate. Clean dirt and debris from the tracks to prevent pitting and corrosion. 

Keeping Your Windows Unlocked

Locked windows are more energy-efficient because it tightens the seal between the sash and weatherstrip. It will also help get rid of drafts and reduce outdoor noise. Unlocked windows let moisture enter your indoor spaces in the form of condensation, which can later turn to mold or rot. 

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Jul 16, 2022

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Jul 13, 2022

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