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How to Choose the Right Window Size for Your Home

When choosing replacement windows, size is just as important a factor as materials, hardware and energy efficiency features. In today’s post, local window and door replacement company Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis shares a quick guide on how to get the right window size for your home.

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Check the Wall Openings

Window replacement projects usually do not involve resizing the wall openings where the windows are going to be anchored to. This is because window openings are part of the wall framing, and changing window sizes would require partially rebuilding the wall framing. In fact, it’s easier to replace a large window with a small one because the gaps can be filled. And if you want to revert to a larger window later, no rebuilding would be necessary.

If you’re not the house’s first owner, have a window replacement professional inspect the wall openings, in case the wall opening will be able to accommodate large replacement windows. Alternatively, you can switch to a different window style, choose replacement windows with slimmer frames, or combine two smaller windows into one large custom replacement window.

Visualize Window Styles

It helps to have some kind of visual aid when choosing new windows, especially if you’re trying out a different size. You can sketch on paper, use magazine clippings or create a photo composite on a computer. Devices that support augmented-reality applications can let you virtually “install” windows in real time. If you need insight from an expert, schedule a consultation with a window replacement company.

Consider the Direction the Windows Are Facing

The bigger the windows, the more natural light that will get into your home. Window direction is a factor that goes hand in hand with window size; you won’t want to install the biggest windows where the sunlight is the harshest. The house’s north-facing walls receive the most balanced natural light throughout the day, and is where the largest windows should be. Light from the south-facing side is usually too harsh, but can be tempered with trees or patio covers. Windows on the east and west-facing sides may capture great views but not everyone likes the orange tint they bring during certain times of the day.

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"Professional, from the quote by their sales rep, explaining everything from examples of why renewal windows are higher in quality than standard vinyl windows. Financing was simple. Cost more than vinyl but well worth it. Kept me informed via email or phone calls. The installation was also explained when they got here ahead of schedule that day which was pleasing. The time between removing and replacing was just amazing. I figured the opening would be there for 15 to 20 minutes, letting heat and insects in..but it wasn't. Just about a minute or two and they swapped them out ..out with the old and inserted the new window. Screwed it in..insulation went in. Stripping on inside and outside. Cleaned up inside and outside. Can't wait till the crisp fall weather comes to try them out. I've not had double hung windows in a good while. One window didn't make it on the truck but less than 30 days and it will be here and installed. I'm sure the pandemic has impacted their factory as well. Thank you to Renewal Windows for a job well done. "

Sam M. | TN
Jul 6, 2021

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