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Should You Keep Your Windows Open During Summer?

The summer season can get so hot that you’d need to open your windows just not to overwork your air conditioning system. In today’s post, local replacement windows installer Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis discusses whether or not leaving your windows open is beneficial during this season.

Keep Your Windows Open During Summer

Benefits of Opening Windows

Opening your windows for about fifteen minutes a day can help improve indoor air quality by helping flush out stale indoor air and, along with it, indoor air pollutants. This includes dust, mold spores and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) off-gassed from common household items like paint and plastics. Airflow can also have a cooling effect on a room, especially if it’s a steady breeze, which can make an open window an alternative cooling system for your home.

Important Considerations

If your home feels like it needs a secondary cooling system — open windows, in this case — you have to consider factors like home insulation. A typical residential building would have exterior walls and attic with insulating material, which may be bolstered by insulated siding or reflective roofing. The best replacement windows are at their most efficient when installed in a well-insulated home.

Another factor to consider is the air conditioning system itself. An improperly-sized air conditioner can be problematic, particularly if it’s undersized: it will be redlining at all times just to meet your home’s basic cooling needs. Significant changes to the house, such as a home addition or room conversion, may necessitate a new air conditioner as the old one could be too small.

Should You Keep Your Windows Open or Closed?

Let’s consider the factors described above. If your home’s air conditioning system seems inadequate, think about whether it’s well-maintained or properly sized. Also, consider whether your home has adequate insulation. Addressing issues with both is the better, long-term solution that won’t necessitate opening windows as a means to cool your home during summer.

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