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When Window Condensation Becomes a Problem

Should you be worried about window condensation? The short answer is no if the condensation is on the outside window glass, which is what usually happens in summer. But if condensation is forming on the inside glass panes—which usually happens in winter—you need to wipe it off before paint starts to peel or mold starts to form. Remember: mold thrives in dark, damp spaces.


How do you prevent window condensation during winter? Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis, your trusted window and door replacement contractor, shares tips here.

When Window Condensation Becomes a Problem

Why Condensation Forms

Condensation forms when warm air meets a cold surface. Upon making contact with the cold glass surface, warm, humid air reaches its dew point and leaves droplets on the surface. Condensation also forms when the air becomes saturated with water vapor.

Preventing Window Condensation

  • Turn off your humidifier – Condensation can form on the inside glass panes if indoor humidity levels are too high. If you have a humidifier, turn it off until humidity levels go back to more manageable levels.

  • Store firewood outside – Most experts would recommend bringing firewood indoors right before burning it. If you store it inside and it wasn’t seasoned properly, there’s the risk the moisture content might increase indoor humidity levels and create a damp environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for mold. Not to mention pests might be hiding in damp wood. Properly seasoned wood should have no scent, bark, or sap, and a moisture content higher than 20%.

Condensation Between Glass Panes

What if you can’t seep to wipe the condensation off? The condensation might have formed between the window panes, which would be a sign the window sealing has failed and you need to install replacement windows. Insulated glass units are filled with either argon or krypton, odorless, colorless gases that prevent heat transfer. If the sealing failed, argon or krypton will leak out and moisture will be allowed to infiltrate the space between the panes, reducing your windows’ energy efficiency.

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