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Should Window Trim and Sash Colors Match or Contrast?

When it comes to architectural colors, one of the hottest topics is how to color window trims and sashes. If you’re planning a home window replacement, you’re probably asking the same question: should the trim color match the sash color? The answer is never straightforward because it varies from one application to another.

 Window Trim and Sash Colors

To make this discussion simple, the sash is the frame that holds the glass, and the trim or casing is the stationary part of the window that gives the opening a finished look.

Contrasting Colors

In most cases, the sash and trim look better with contrasting colors (eg. white trim and brown sash). The colors provide an interesting contrast that breaks the monotony, especially when you’re dealing with a tall or large house.

If your intention is to give some accent to the windows sitting against a light siding color, try reversing the colors: white sash on dark trim. A light siding color is hardly interesting, so pulling the focus towards the windows is a good idea, especially if you have the best replacement windows money can buy.

When Contrasting Colors Don’t Work

Many modern replacement windows tend to have extra trim that’s visible from the outside. You can choose a sash color that’s neutral, but with the additional frame around the sash, the window looks clunkier if you paint the outer trim a contrasting color. The many planes and edges just give off that overdesigned look when contrast focuses more attention on the window.

You might think that a thin outer trim would be fine with a contrasting color, as the thinness does not contribute to the clunkiness of the sash and inner trim. However, the problem here is that the thinness of the outer trim is overpowered by the clunky window. If you paint the rest of the trim on the window the same color as the outer trim, you might void your window warranty, so that’s not the best idea.

Your best option is to paint the outer trim the same color as the sash. You’ll be depending on your siding color to provide that contrast.

However, if your sashes have a contrasting color when paired with your siding, it’s probably a better idea to paint the outer trim to mimic the siding. The modern sashes and inner trim would look a lot less clunky if the outer trim is the same color as your siding, providing a more elegant look.

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