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3 Common Vinyl Window Problems

Vinyl is a popular material for windows. It is durable, often requires minimal maintenance to stay in good condition and is one of the most affordable types of home window replacement on the market. However, it is also important to know the common problems associated with vinyl windows so you can properly address them before they can cause bigger structural damage. Here are some examples:


1. Stripped Cranks

When the crank handle of your awning or casement window is tightened, it brings the sash closer to the frame in order to create an airtight seal. It is crucial to leave enough space so that the multi-point locking mechanism can operate without excess force that will surely lead to stripped cranks.

2. Glass Failure

A common sign of glass failure is pressure cracks, which occur when there are sudden changes in temperature. Vinyl allows for slow and steady expansion and contraction. Often, it does not give the glass sufficient time to adjust, which results in cracks. Another thing to consider is seal failure. It happens when the argon gas inside the window escapes, resulting in condensation. These factors reduce the efficiency of your vinyl windows. Consult a windows installer to replace the affected glass with a more energy-efficient and high-performing unit.

3. Loss of Glass Area

Replacing your old, drafty window with a vinyl material can take up a lot of the viewing area. This is because vinyl replacement windows are often measured inside the frame of old windows. This means your old window will not be totally removed. It is important to use proper installation methods when replacing windows to ensure an energy-efficient home.

Fibrex® windows are a popular solution to faulty and ineffective vinyl windows. They have superior insulating properties and come with narrower frames which can give you a bigger view of your beautiful garden landscaping.

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"Absolutely wonderful experience working with renewal. They kept my wife and I up to date all throughout the process from the initial sales pitch to installation. They were courteous and professional throughout. The installation of 8 windows was completed in one day and the product is fantastic. Immediate difference felt inside the home and its much quieter now too. My wife and I are thrilled at our purchase. The windows are a bit pricey but worth every single penny. Wonderful product from a wonderful company. Will definitely be using them in the future to install the rest of the windows in our home."

Joseph Sipes
Jul 16, 2022

"When I say, superior service I mean just that!! From start to finish I was pleased!! Step 1, Scheduled appointment at the Home show… easy. Step 2, phone call to confirm appointment the next week….easy. Step 3, in home consultation with Keith Billingsley…..Amazing!!!! Step 4, call and cancel all other Window companies and let them know you have chosen the Best company, Anderson Windows!!! My Windows took a couple of months to come which was not a problem. Oooohhh but when installing day came ( a week early) I was lost for words. The installation team was A1 with professionalism and cleanliness!! They didn’t leave a scrap of trash on my property. It was cleaned up both days. I had Ed Tutton and crew. I had a million questions and they answered every one of them and made me feel so assured with the process. A couple of my Windows had wood rotted. They took care of it and fixed it better than when the house was built!!! Two of my Windows came in broken, it was addressed and shown to us and reorder in the same day!! They will be installed later. The Windows are so beautiful I stood in my master bedroom Windows for almost 3 hours just looking out. I hate Window grates…. I have solid glass Windows now❤️❤️! I wish I would have ordered my new front doors from Anderson Windows. So if you are looking to get new Windows you must go with Anderson Windows!!!"

Celeste Ousley
Jul 13, 2022

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