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Causes of Discoloration in Double-Pane Windows

Nowadays, more and more homeowners are opting to replace their single-pane windows with their double-paned counterparts. This is because double-pane windows can bring many benefits to a home; for starters, they’re considered one of the most energy-efficient windows in the market. Apart from that, they also have better sound-proofing capabilities than single pane windows. However, while double-pane windows have many benefits, they do come with one recurring issue: discoloration.


Causes of Discoloration in Double-Pane Windows


Causes of Discoloration in Double-Pane Windows


Double-pane windows experience discoloration when there is excess moisture around your home. Once it sets in, you’ll be able to see black or dark colored streaks along your window’s surface. But how exactly do the moisture levels of your home increase? According to window installation companies, excess moisture happens when your home experiences high relative humidity due to the amount of moisture or water vapor that you produce when cooking or taking a hot shower. The high relative humidity then increases the moisture levels of your home, resulting in the discoloration of your windows.


What to Do When Your Windows Undergo Discoloration


Window replacement pros say that you can actually have the discolored glass pane replaced while leaving the rest of the window intact. However, this isn’t a feasible long-term solution; in fact, professionals say that it’s less costly and less risky to have the entire window replaced instead. This is because doing so will give you the opportunity to purchase and install a window lined with discoloration resistant film to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.


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