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Debunking the Sears House Mishap Myth

You may already have heard about a certain house in Georgia where the windows were, according to the myth, installed upside down. Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis takes a close look at this myth.

The “Sears Catalogue Home”

In the middle of historic Savannah, Georgia is a peach-colored house with windows highlighted with green shutters. When seen from the outside, the windows appear to be installed upside-down. According to the myth, this “mishap” was the result of the homeowner (or installer) not reading the installation instructions that came with the windows, which were purportedly purchased through the Sears catalog.

There are some factual elements to the myth, all of which are verifiable. For one, the house actually exists, located on Habersham Street. The homeowner is apparently aware of the house’s reputation that they’ve taken to hanging signs indicating that the windows are, indeed, not upside down. It just looks that way because the top part of the windows was designed to open to vent hot air from within. No part of the home was purchased through the Sears catalog.

Proper Window Installation

It does sound ridiculous once the myth is debunked, but many people still think this is true. But we can assure you that such mistakes may have a small chance of happening if the installer is truly inexperienced. In our installation work, where the long-term performance of energy-efficient windows are on the line, we can’t afford to make mistakes, especially one as that.

All Renewal by Andersen installers have received training and certification straight from the factory. Also, each replacement window has a recognizable profile that our installers can easily tell if a window is facing the wrong way. We are confident of our installers’ ability to deliver that our Transferable Limited Warranty includes a 2-year installation coverage. The best part is, with our custom window building capabilities, we can actually build an “upside down” window for your home, if you wanted us to. 

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