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Clerestory Windows: Features and Benefits

Clerestory windows allow lots of natural light and ventilation into any home and can be a great addition to any home style. In this blog, replacement windows installer Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis takes a closer look at this stylish and practical window style.

Clerestory Windows: Features and Benefits

What Are Clerestory Windows?

The use of clerestory windows reaches all the way back to ancient Egypt. It has become a staple of cathedrals and similar types of structures, as they allow vast amounts of natural light. Today’s clerestory windows are loosely defined as windows that are installed above eye level. Depending on your home’s lighting requirements, you can have a single clerestory window—typically circular in shape—above an entryway. A popular application of clerestory windows in contemporary architecture is the use of several narrow windows that span an entire wall.

Why Should Your Home Have Clerestory Windows?

Take a quick look at individual areas within your home. Chances are, there are spots that seem dark, despite the presence of windows. These areas include entryways, hallways and other spots where conventional windows would look awkward or compromise that particular area’s privacy.

Being above viewing height, clerestory windows are not as intrusive in areas where the wall is being used, perhaps as a display space. Adding more natural light to these areas also reduce your reliance on daytime electrical lighting. It should be noted that home window replacement contractors, us included, do not create new wall openings for clerestory windows. You may need to secure the permits yourself and have an exterior remodeler or handyman create the opening.

Benefits of Clerestory Windows

Utilizing natural light as your primary source of daytime indoor lighting is a practice known as daylighting. In addition to the aforementioned benefit of creating a brighter indoor space, daylighting also helps regulate the occupants’ circadian rhythms (or “body clocks”), promoting healthy amounts of sleep. If you have converted the attic to another room or a loft, operable clerestory windows also provide ventilation and while helping keep the roof cool during hot days. Choose a replacement window contractor that offers specialty or custom window styles for better design flexibility.

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