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Tips for Cleaning Mold on Window Casings

Most homeowners don’t realize they have mold on their windows until discoloration starts to take place. More often than not, mold begins to form at the joint at the bottom of the windows between the glass and the frame. It is usually easy to see unless the mold is the same color as the frame.

Tips for Cleaning Mold on Window Casings

To keep mold from damaging your windows and spreading throughout your home, here are some smart tips from Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis, your window and door replacement expert:

Prioritize Safety

Before anything else, put on protective gear like gloves, safety glasses and face mask. This keeps you from ingesting harmful spores that mold can release into the air. You should also open your door and window to improve airflow and keep the spores from staying inside your home. Then, cover the floor to catch any of the falling mold.

Use Gentle Cleaners

Never use newspaper or other ink-based papers as they may discolor your window frames. Instead, use a non-abrasive brush or rag to prevent potential damage on your replacement windows. For the cleaning solution, use a mild solution of soap and water. If the mold is too tough to remove, it’s best to ask your window company what cleaning products are safe to use.

Control Humidity Levels

Prevention is key when it comes to addressing mold growth, and one of the best ways to do so is to maintain the right humidity levels. Use exhaust fans in rooms with high humidity like the bathroom and kitchen to reduce moisture. Depending on the kind of plants you have in your home, you may also consider removing some of them as they add moisture to the air. If condensation is forming on the windows due to the cold weather, take advantage of humidifiers.

For virtually maintenance-free windows, look no further than Renewal by Andersen of Memphis. Unlike vinyl replacement windows, our products come with a state-of-the-art Fibrex® frame that delivers exceptional performance for years. Get in touch with us today at (901) 779-1178 for more information about our products and services.


"The men who came out were able to work with each other good and professional showing us how the job would start and how long it would take. While they were doing their job they saw that the windows sills were off balance and very diligent and made it repairable to place the new windows in they cleaned up the area where they were working and made it look like no one had been there. They were very polite."

Andrew Pruitte
Aug 5, 2023

"Renewal by Anderson replaced our windows about a week ago. It made our home look brand new! Absolutely beautiful product!!! All the staff were kind and professional. Jackie and his crew did the installation and we have never had such a professional job done on our home! Highly recommend this company!"

Carley Aldridge
Aug 6, 2023

"I have purchased 16 Anderson windows and they are great. The windows are perfect but the installation was the best. It is a joy having these windows in my 1910 home."

Kay Veazey
Aug 25, 2023

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