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Tips on Making the Most Out of Sunny Windows

Sunny windows are an asset. They can energize the space, draw the eye and easily be a room’s focal point. To make the most of them, Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis recommends the tips below.

Tips on Making the Most Out of Sunny Windows

Place Furniture in the Adjacent Space

The area near a sunny window should never be a lonely place. The airy spot can be a perfect location for eating, working, reading, entertaining and resting. When there is enough floor space to be used, experienced window installation companies would advise you to add some furniture to increase its utility.

Paint Interior Trim Black

Sometimes, the brightness of a sunny window can be too harsh. To offset the abundant illumination, choose a black casing.

Dark trim acts as a counterbalance to generous daylight coming from energy-efficient windows. The color black can also accentuate the view, highlight the window height, produce an illusion of more architecture and de-emphasize less attractive interior details.

Add Sun-Loving Plants

Sunlight is food for plants, so take advantage of generous daylighting by displaying stunning greenery by the window. Consider cultivating your own herbs and edibles in your kitchen, too. If your space lacks a punch of color, grow flowering plants and other ornamentals to bring more life to your home. Renewal by Andersen of Memphis attests that these natural accents also help purify the usually polluted indoor air.

Cover With a Soft Fabric

A well-thought-out window treatment is another solution to harsh sunlight. Hang gauzy curtains to soften the admission of light without totally blocking the sun. Solar screen shades can also eliminate glare without ruining the view.

Renewal by Andersen of Memphis’s ENERGY STAR windows offer a wonderful trade-off among insulation, solar heat resistance and daylighting. Call us at (901) 779-1178 now to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation at your most convenient date and time.


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Feb 7, 2023

"We absolutely LOVE our new windows!! The installers were amazing- so kind and professional. They worked quickly, too! The customer service was outstanding. We are so, so glad we went with Renewal by Andersen for our windows. They even sent us cookies to say thank you!"

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