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4 Reasons to Choose Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have unique features that make them worth considering when you’re planning on replacing your windows with a new style. In today’s post, local energy efficient windows company Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis shares the reasons why you should choose sliding windows.

4 Reasons to Choose Sliding Windows

1. It saves space — Sliding window sashes open without projecting from its frame. This makes it the ideal window style for parts of the house where hinged or projecting windows may get in the way, like on walls next to pathways. This feature also allows more flexibility with patio furniture placement.

2. It has a bigger glass area — On sliding windows, the weight of the window sashes rests on the bottom of the frame. This means you can have sliding windows with slimmer sashes — which means bigger glass areas — without compromising operability, structural support and long-term performance. A bigger glass area will allow better views and more natural light. Thanks to ENERGY STAR® windows, you won’t have to worry about sunlight affecting your home’s energy efficiency.

3. It’s easy to clean and maintain — Sliding window sashes can be easily removed from the frame for easy cleaning and maintenance. The sashes can be laid flat on the bed or floor and cleaned before putting them back. Without the sashes, you can easily reach into the frame corners and make sure every speck of dirt is removed. The bottom of the frames where the tracks need to be rid of every bit of dirt and grit in order to prevent the sashes from getting stuck which, fortunately, isn’t hard to do.

4. It’s easy to open and close — For people who have limited use of either hand, ease of operation can be a crucial factor when selecting window styles. Sliding windows can be opened and closed with just one hand, which makes it the perfect window style for such conditions. Frame material that expands and contracts evenly, like our Fibrex® material, can help maintain easy operation, as the sashes are less likely to get stuck in the frame due to thermal expansion.

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"Professional, from the quote by their sales rep, explaining everything from examples of why renewal windows are higher in quality than standard vinyl windows. Financing was simple. Cost more than vinyl but well worth it. Kept me informed via email or phone calls. The installation was also explained when they got here ahead of schedule that day which was pleasing. The time between removing and replacing was just amazing. I figured the opening would be there for 15 to 20 minutes, letting heat and insects in..but it wasn't. Just about a minute or two and they swapped them out ..out with the old and inserted the new window. Screwed it in..insulation went in. Stripping on inside and outside. Cleaned up inside and outside. Can't wait till the crisp fall weather comes to try them out. I've not had double hung windows in a good while. One window didn't make it on the truck but less than 30 days and it will be here and installed. I'm sure the pandemic has impacted their factory as well. Thank you to Renewal Windows for a job well done. "

Sam M. | TN
Jul 6, 2021

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